Clear Waffle Grid Surface for Glass Work - 6 Pack (B008RV0K0O | LGCRWF6PK | 633556182939)

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  • Dimension does not get lost when adding grids. •The tops of each of the squares are rounded smooth so glass glides easy.
  • •Allows the configuration to go around a corner such as an L-Shaped counter or to design a backsplash. •Material is of impact resistant polycarbonate plastic. (Lexan)
  • •See through material allows the use of a template to be placed underneath such as an angle guide. Also excellent light transmission for a lightbox. •Grids interconnect in such a way that you can flip one or more over in set-up so you could have smooth areas amid pocketed areas. This would give you an area to score small pieces.
  • •If you wish to store your grids, simply stack them and place in a drawer. Includes Creators Tool Caddy
  • •When emptying out the grids, you only have to pick up one section which you can conveniently empty into a small wastebasket without disturbing the rest of your gridded work area.
  • ASIN: B008RV0K0O
  • Model: LGCRWF6PK
  • UPC: 633556182939
  • SKU: 7712189

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