Mictuning LED Light Bar Wiring Harness 30 Amp Fuse ON-OFF Waterproof Switch(2 Lead 12ft) (B00O72R7Z8 | MIC-B1002 | 608613078616)

By MicTuning
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  • with ON/ OFF switch; easy to install,
  • Power Relay, 30A Blade Fuse
  • 2 sets of power connectors to light fixtures
  • can used for all LED Light bars and work lights; More than 12ft of wiring;More than 12ft of wiring; with this wiring harness you can connect 2 led work light or 2 small watt led light bar and any else off road use
  • CAUTION: If the wiring harness wired to battery+/- directly, the rocker switch glowing even when the vehicle is off; it will stop glowing only if it is hooked to a source on your fuse panel that is activated by the key; dont let the wiring harness short circuit, it will be melt.
  • ASIN: B00O72R7Z8
  • Model: MIC-B1002
  • UPC: 608613078616

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