Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue (2-Ply, 4 Rolls) For RV, Camping & Marine, Biodegradable, Dissolves in Minutes - Natural Alternative to Septic System Treatment Chemicals, Cleaner, Enzymes, Chlorine Tablets - Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue Paper (B015MSIEUW | | 637230067840)

By Freedom Living
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  • Enjoy spending more quality time in the great outdoors or with your family instead of unblocking smelly toilets and dealing with filthy septic tanks
  • Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue Paper dissolves completely in mere minutes yet is tough enough for the task at hand and won't rip or tear unexpectedly
  • 100% Biodegradable - Perfect for RVs, marine, camping, hiking, eco retreats and other septic tank users
  • FOUR Roll Pack (2 Ply) - each roll has 500 sheets. Take advantage of our vouchers below and stock up for your next trip or vacation
  • Forget the nasty chemicals, enzymes, chlorine tablets, bacteria and other nauseating cleaner solutions - Just use Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue Paper
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  • UPC: 637230067840

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