Sustainable Seed Co. Bug Out Seed Bag (B01770182Y | | 609613079603)

By Sustainable Seed Co.
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  • 25 varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds not 20 types like the competition. You save money and get more seed! Why? Because are not just resellers of seed, but actual farmers of seed. We can control not only the price, but the quality/freshness unlike seed resellers that must take what they are sold and pass it on to you.
  • Sealed in a space age mylar bag for absolute freshness, but will not cramp your bug-out backpack. Soft sided and easy to pack unlike other seed banks in hard metal/plastic cans. Space saving size that is easy to store in your refrigerator or freezer until needed.Cover only, tire tube not included
  • We spend thousands of dollars germ testing our seed in State laboratories. Our heirloom seed exceeds Federal Germination Standards. Each heirloom seed packet contains exact planting instructions for you success. No simple mailing labels stuck on envelopes like our competitors. We have real seed packets with actual instructions because we are a real seed company!
  • We do not sell anything but seed and we are EXCELLENT at what we do. After all we ARE American seed farmers. Our seed is harvested fresh from our farm and kept in climate controlled, refrigerated storage unlike survival seed companies operating out of spare bedrooms and hot/humid garages.
  • You can live without a lot of things, but you can't live without food. Don't be caught without a way to produce more food. You need a heirloom seed bank that is light and portable! You need a Bug Out Seed BagTM
  • ASIN: B01770182Y
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  • UPC: 609613079603

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